APS – Advanced Payment Solutions

On-Chain Payments 

Enjoy the freedom to pay & get paid in
your preferred digital currencies

Payments for
Stellar Ecosystem

Our payment infrastructure connects global transactions using the Stellar blockchain ecosystem, allowing you to take part in a more interconnected financial world
A combined approach for payments
Unify traditional finance (TradFi) with Stellar-based decentralized finance (DeFi) for international payments
Checkout with APS
Deliver a seamless checkout experience for your clients using Stellar blockchain-based products
Multi-currency interoperability on Stellar
Take advantage of Stellar’s SEP protocols to improve the payment flow in your Web3 applications

Transactions supported by several major blockchain networks

Our platform simplifies the payment process for both CeFi and DeFi through fluid blockchain transactions supported by over 60 settlement layer blockchains, including Stellar, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and more.
  • Reduce business running costs with affordable on-chain transactions
  • Support multi-asset interoperability for uninterrupted borderless payments
  • Blockchain’s robust infrastructure ensures safety for all digital payments
  • Benefit from significantly reduced settlement execution time

Payment support suitable
for all industries

Streamline your transactions with our complete toolkit,
effortlessly handling blockchain transactions
Digital Wallet based products 
Simplify global transactions with our versatile currency solutions
Manage your payments globally with our flexible payment options
Multiplayer online games & in-game purchases 
Deliver the smoothest gameplay experience with embedded payment services
Grow your online business with near-instant payments and settlements
Simplify client transactions through secure and efficient global currency solutions
And many other online businesses
Our versatility allows online businesses to develop using dependable payments  

Global payment benefits
powered by blockchain

Faster, 24/7/365
International Payments
Secure and
transparent transactions
Reduced fees and increased efficiency
Unified payments for CeFi and DeFi companies